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A Day in the Life of a Product Marketer (Work From Home Edition)

August 17, 2021 - Comment

The day. Would usually begin at 6:00 AM, but since I’m working from home today, I decided to take it. Easy. Give myself a treat and wake up instead at a very lazy 6:17.. Yes, as you can see, I can be a very bad boy. If I want to be. So ladies hit me

The day. Would usually begin at 6:00 AM, but since I'm working from home today, I decided to take it. Easy. Give myself a treat and wake up instead at a very lazy 6:17.. Yes, as you can see, I can be a very bad boy.

If I want to be. So ladies hit me up. After changing out of pajamas and into my living room, clothes # Virgos, I sit down and begin. My morning routine., I've, been using the Headspace app for meditation since the new year and currently on a 20-day meditation, streak.

Just gently closing the the eyes …. There are many cool courses like Happiness, Letting go of Stress and Navigating Change., But for some reason I keep getting recommended Mindful Eating.. After finding my inner Zen, I contemplate becoming a monk but ultimately decided against it, because I'm afraid to get my ass kicked at Shaolin temple.

I then sit down at my workstation and start my morning dump. A habit. I learned from my favorite YouTuber Ali Abdaal, where I write down one highlight. I definitely want to do today. One thing I'm grateful for and one thing I should let go of.

Life of a Product Marketer

I think Ali got the inspiration from the book Make Time by ex-Googlers, Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky., And I personally found that writing down and scheduling. The highlight first thing in the morning really helps me, focus my energy and be more productive for the rest of the day.

Speak of energy. I decided to make my own coffee today, instead of ordering Starbucks, because I didn't want to appear basic in front of all my viewers.. Unfortunately, the points I've accumulated on the Starbucks app says otherwise.

To be honest, I still haven't figured out how to make a proper latte using the SMEG coffee machine.. So I've been basically pouring cold, oatly milk into hot espresso., But it gets the job done. lukewarm, coffee.

Not bad., Because of my weekly one-on-one with my manager. Today, I decided to change again into something: a bit more presentable., All jokes aside, wearing something slightly more formal at home, makes me feel more professional and ready to tackle the challenges ahead.

Not that the one-on-one with my manager is a challenge it's. Great. I love it.. It's, the best. All right, so it's around 7:45 and although I don't have any meetings scheduled with my China, colleagues and they probably wouldn't accept those anyways.

I do have a ton of emails from the global and regional teams that I have to get through., So let's, dive in. And, of course, I use the inbox zero method to sort my emails.. Basically, it transforms my inbox that looks like this.

Every morning to something more manageable, like this., If you use Gmail and you're interest in adopting the system, I'll link a step-by-step tutorial down in the description below. After tackling all the action items in my inbox.

I start to review upcoming project plans. Chinese new year is coming up, but we have quite a few campaign launches planned for late February and early March. Okay.. So it's almost 9:30 and the first meeting of the day's about to begin.

I actually have meetings today, all through until lunchtime. So yay. That's fun.. But this is exactly why I like to get all the emails out of the way in the morning, because I actually wouldn't have any other time to work on them.

In our weekly one-on-one. My manager and I discuss everything from my personal well being to our team's. Q1 plans.. She's currently in Hong Kong., So we joked about how my apartment here, which is small by Shanghai standards, would be considered pretty massive in Hong Kong.

After holding back an innocent comment on how a pay raise could lead to a larger apartment. We talked about serious matters where I ask her for advice and guidance on the upcoming campaign: launches.

Hey everyone, it's lunchtime and I didn't want to get takeout, so I actually invited another Google colleague who lives close by for A work-from-home lunch., So we can both get some real human interaction.

Life of a Product Marketer

Oh I almost slipped. There. Am kinda starving.. So let's go.! Oh, my God. My arms are so tired.. Bloggers must have HUGE biceps.. I haven't seen my colleague in a while, since she's in another team., So we catch up over some delicious farm-fresh food.

She talks about some of the projects she's, working on and me being the introvert. I am listened intently and interrupted only to make a sarcastic comment or dad joke which she obviously finds. Hilarious.

Bye, Heywoo, Bye, All right., So lunch was awesome., We ate at a farm-fresh place and we actually got to see how they grow their own vegetables.. So I've, a few more meetings again this afternoon, but I don't want to go back to the apartment because you guys have all seen that.

So I feel, am gonna find a cafe somewhere to sit down and do the afternoon work.. So yeah., Let's, see where we can go.. I ended up finding a cafe not too far from where we had lunch and settled down.

My second cup of coffee for the day. I'm, currently on a diet following the Christmas and new year's, gluttony, but somehow magically an Oolong cheesecake ends up in front of me.. I've, always been taught not to waste any food.

So against all my will, I forced myself to finish the delicious. I mean wretched fattening cheesecake that Satan has placed in front of me.. I take a few more meetings where we ‘ Ve discussed the futures of all things, tech, but not really, absolutely crushed some more emails and start planning work for tomorrow.

I then make my way to the gym at around 5:00 PM for a quick workout.. I briefly think about working my core and abs today to at least try and reduce the stubborn one pack, but opt instead for a much more bro friendly chest shoulder and tricep workout.

As I work on getting my cup size from B to C, I listened to my Spotify playlist and it contained so many different genres of songs that the recommendation algorithm must be questioning its own existence.

And because my body seemed to know that I'M filming a VLOG, I feel extra strong today.. I lifted a couple more kilograms than I normally would.. It also helped that there are big mirrors everywhere, so I can check myself out from every angle.

At 6:00 PM. I wrap up my workout and head over to the rest area.. I have dinner plans with friends at seven., So I thought I'd, get some work done in between. After 30 minutes. I start to lose focus as all the blood leaves.

Life of a Product Marketer

My brain and help my pictorial muscles recover and build up that cup size.. So I end up chatting with friends on WeChat and watching a few YouTube videos.. At dinner, I catch up my colleagues, slash friends, Peter and Henry over some soup, dumplings xiao long bao, steamed, fish and healthy veggies.

Contrary to what you have seen in this video, I promise you I've, real friends outside of work as well. Peter and Henry being the good friends. They are strongly insist. I join them for a round of drinks after dinner.

Do you know what we're missing. Alcohol, Alcohol? At first I tried to be a mature, responsible, adult and declined because of a bit more work to finish.. However, being the star salespeople of Google, they end up persuading me to have just one drink with them at the bar across the street.

It's called Liquid Laundry. And I used to really enjoy coming here back in the day when I was much younger. Okay, so it's 9:30 and I'm back home, but I still wan na get a bit More work done. It's, not very urgent, but I shouldn't, take very long.

So I'm gonna stop the VLOG here. Get this done shower and sleep.. Thank you all so much for watching.. Let me know down the comments. What other types of videos you'd like to see – and I guess I'll – see you in the next video.

Good night.

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